A4 Prints

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A4 Prints

$10 each
$50 for the Lee Pace set (7)
Reds are Riso print on A4 white 150gsm envirocare card
Just Black are laserprint on white 200gsm card

From top left:

Tyler Hoechlin / Teen Wolf

//Only available at Tree Paper (under Flinders St Station) The Tiger's Bride / Angela Carter's story of a Tiger whose one request of his new bride is to see her naked once. She refuses, until a moment in the snow when he volunteers to disrobe first. The ending is visceral.

//Only available at Tree Paper (under Flinders St Station) Courtship of Mr Lyon / Angela Carter's story of "If you love her, let her go. If she loves you, she'll return". Beauty forgets her promise to return to the Beast until it is almost too late.

//Only available at Tree Paper (under Flinders St Station) Bluebeard / The moment when Bluebeard new bride has been discovered with the bloodsoaked key to the bloodsoaked forbidden basement full of bloodsoaked ex wives.

Trajectory of a comic / some musings on the different orbital activities that surround any given project. Sometimes they give mutual impetus to completion, sometimes they are flung off into the abyss.

Lee Pace / Joe Macmillan

Lee Pace / Ronan the Accuser

Lee Pace / Ned opposite Olive played by Kristen Chenoweth

Lee Pace / Ned opposite Chuck played by Anna Friel

Lee Pace / Thranduil

Lee Pace / Joe Macmillan opposite Cameron played by Mackenzie Davis

Lee Pace / Roy in The Fall (2006) an exquisite film about trust and love and storytelling and the perpetual duel between love and despair.