New sewing zines!

$4.00 - $9.00

Sewing? In this economy? (2023)
A collection of notebook sketches, the figuring out stages of drafting clothes, a glimpse into the specific brain soup I've been swimming the last few years. Some reminiscing about making clothes for friends, mending. This method of reconstituting my diaries as collage is becoming a pattern, I should make a name for it. Collage autobio?
(24 pages, b/w, yellow paper cover, white paper internal)

Little Goblin Sewing Simulator (2023)
(only 3 of these left after zine fair, they were the star! i'll reprint on thursday so, just, it'll take that long)
A toy/tool for designing outfits! I'd been thinking about those barbie rubbing tile toys in the 90s for putting tops and bottoms together and how good that'd be for suggesting patterns. All the pictures in this were goblins and I feel like a little goblin in my sewing nook tearing bedsheets apart and putting them back together.
(24 pages, b/w, colour papers green/yellow/white)