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Assorted A5 titles including:

Ripitition (2017)
a short, b/w 8 pager about trauma and fixation following a scary event. It helped solidify the things I did remember, and contextualise the repeated anxiety of what could have happened. Turned out that this is a therapy technique sometimes used to help patients from spiralling, to express their feelings and have reference to a chronological narrative.

Rosa Praed: a queer spectre (2016)
a vast research project I did out of excitement for finding a female Australian author who'd been present in the circles of Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker, was writing vampire fiction BEFORE Bram Stoker, and was LIKELY in a long term same sex relationship. So this is a compilation of quotes, my commentary, photos, drawings, while I spiralled further into this research hole.

Don't F*ck The Bear and other life lessons from fairytales (2017)
commentary on some of my favourite, or most memorable, spooky stories. Mention of Angela Carter's Bloody Chamber stories, Crimson Peak, Selkies, Cocteau's Belle et la Bete, Bluebear, Allerleirauh (or Donkeyskin), The Yellow Wallpaper and others.

A story of Meat, Mutts and Murder made in collaboration with Sophia Parsons Cope.
The town’s nice enough. Popular place for retirees. Or it used to be. Credit card fraud is on the rise in this sleepy country town. And there’s a lot of dogs for a town like this. Bad dogs. SCAM DOGS.
More dogs than people these days.
60 pages, b/w, colour gloss cover. 12+ audience (gore, violence)

A young woman prepares for the annual human sacrifice to the Wind God Zephyrus. Her devotion is unmatched, but how can she prove her merit and win his favour? His answer surprises her. Her choice surprises him.

Cats of Brunswick I Have Touched
A comprehensive cat-spotter's guide to the Albion end of Brunswick, Melbourne. Brunswick's feline favourites star in a series of comic vignettes ready for reminiscing or just waiting to be discovered.
16 pages b/w, glossy colour cover

Cats of Brunswick: West Side Story (2017)
a heartfelt homage to some of Brunswick West's dearest feline residents. Love, loss and touching cats.
(the sequel to Cats of Brunswick I Have Touched)
18 pages b/w, colour cover

Legend of the White Stag (2013)
My first Hallozeen! The story of a local town beset with folklore of a mysterious White Stag who lures men to their deaths. The real cause of the deaths is furious when she learns the story has not been told correctly.

Rootbound (2016)
An adorable body-horror comic about being a regular girl with some plants and a cat. A heartwarming story of personal growth. Contains near-constant nudity and some murder.
"Stress can be fertile ground for personal growth.
Fill your life with plants.
A cat may be necessary.
You will be okay."
26 pages b/w, glossy colour cover

Cats of Brunswick 3 (2018)
The third instalment of a documentary series, commemorating the fleeting moments together with some of Brunswick's feline residents. An inkwash painty episode in the ongoing saga.
(18 pages b/w, colour cover)

In Caverns Below (2014)
Two girls live in subterranean cave networks, there's mineral poisoning in the people, intrigue, subterfuge, friendship, body modification and yelling.