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Mini Comics!

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The Small Comics! Including:

The Best Drawing Advice I Ever Got (2018)
This is basically the same thing I've been telling everyone who wants to improve their drawing, and it all comes from something that happened way back in primary school afterschool session. It's little, but it also folds out to an A4 poster on the opposite side. Solid advice to last a lifetime.

Draconacht (2017)
A grim fable about the dangers of isolationism, complacency and a dragon. An abundance of justice.

Rootbound (2016)
A wordless contemporary fable about healing and plants and cats and the kind of body horror that leaves you wiping your hands on your jacket and not wanting to touch your skin for a bit.

#Inktobeepace (2017)
A thoroughly delightful month-long challenge to draw a picture of Lee Pace every day for 31 days. Would recommend.

A True Story, No Really (2009)
My FIRST EVER COMIC. All about when I had brain surgery when I was 11 to correct Chiari 1 malformation. All True!

A True Story, Not Really (2012)
A supernatural alternative version after enough people asked if the first one was true.

Necromancy High School (2017)
A short comic about how a High School based around the separation of body and soul would work. Like Harry Potter but the magic is straight up Cartesian Dualism and murder.

Life Drawing Tips (2018)
A collection of hot insider info for getting better results from your people drawing efforts. Suitable for beginners or anyone wanting a bit of advice to get better.

Coffee Memes (2017)
So much caffeine based hyperbole for the Coffee Connoisseur in your life.