Alex e Clark


Hair Anthology - LIMITED TIME

Image of Hair Anthology - LIMITED TIME

124 pages, b/w, colour softcover
(optional +$15 for me to fill page one with hand drawn inky hair!)

Neither Here Nor Hair is an intimate collection of comics, reflecting on our own relationship with hair. Full, flowing, glossy hair, length and age and dedication. Body hair that's only mentioned when shaved, waxed or otherwise obliterated. How any choice of hair retention or removal makes a statement, intentional or not. It's a dense, tangled, messy issue from which these artists tease out their own personal, heartfelt experiences.

Featuring comics from: Sarah Catherine Firth, Ele Jenkins, Emma Jean, Leonie Brialey, Alex E Clark, Claire Murray, Michel Gerencir, Alyce Sarich, Natalia Zajaz, Soolagna Majumdar, Danikah Harrison, Sarah W Searle, Alisha Jade